Winter Training Day

  Up on Meall Tarmachan again, this time with the Firbush Centre’s staff preparing for the winter season with some staff training. We managed to get the best of the day and had a stunning afternoon revising movement skills coaching for winter mountaineering and walk; and talking over digital mapping, route planning and going over […]

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Breezy Cairngorms Climbing

I’ve been working for Summit Ascent this weekend.   On bright but  breezy Saturday, Dave, Mel and I headed up to Coire na Ciste in the Northern Caringorms. Mel and Dave had never been out  in winter before, never winter climbed, nor donned crampons, so we had a wander to find some hard, scoured snow […]

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The Evolution of my Ice Axes!

Going through my cupboard yesterday to make some room, I had all my ice-axes in the same place at the same time, so here is rather self-indulgent post about my ice axes! My first pair of axes was a Mountain Technology “Technical Hammer”  coupled with a Stubai “Mountain Star”. I’ve no idea where the Mountain […]

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