The Evolution of my Ice Axes!

Going through my cupboard yesterday to make some room, I had all my
ice-axes in the same place at the same time, so here is rather
self-indulgent post about my ice axes!

Terrodactyls Mtn tech hammer

My first pair of axes was a Mountain Technology “Technical Hammer”
 coupled with a Stubai “Mountain Star”. I’ve no idea where the
Mountain Star is, but this pair got me up Crowberry gully, Tower Ridge
and quite a few alpine climbs. I then got hold of a pair of MacInnes
Terrodactyls – These were an experience! I can’t believe I ever climbed
with these. I remember struggling up Aladin’s Mirror Direct with these,
and leading a very icy Garbh Gully on the Ben and marvelling at those
that used to climb with them

Vertige Pulsars

I then got what every Scottish Winter climber had in the late 80s and
early 90s –  a pair of mountain tech vertige 600s – these
slightly too short, I think now – 45cm. These I still use occasionally
– I’ve changed the picks several times. I was using them on some ice a
couple of weeks ago and thought “How did I ever climb Zero Gully with
these”? Quite saddening  when you think Mountain Technology
don’t exist anymore – no more replacement picks!

Then there’s the yellow Charlet Poser Pulsars. Which are starting to
show their age now They’re slightly heavy, but still solid tools. I’ve
changed the picks three times now, but since fitting a clipper leash to
them they’ve had a bit of a renaissance! Their design is from 1985, and
I got these in the mid-ninties. A pair of Aztars are on order! 

Charlet Guide Pick profile

Finally, there’s my mountaineering axe – a Charlet Poser Guide axe – my
favourite bit of kit – bomb poof, solid, does the job perfectly with no
frills. And I even like the colour.

The last picture shows changing pick style over the years!

One thought on “The Evolution of my Ice Axes!

  1. thanks for that! A great trip down memory lane. The old terrors, by name, and by nature. Did most of my days on the Mountain Techs great axes in their day, before all the banana boys appeared. Cheers

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