Walking pole use

The most recent issuse of the Scottish Mountaineer (MCS magazine) contained an article about walking pole erosion, something I’ve blogged about before.

Even though I can see how poles can save your knees, I rarely use poles in the summer, usually only if I’ve a heavy load, which isn’t often these days in the summer! Prolonged use on hard surfaces I find just causes elbow and sholder pain – you just transfer the pain from your knees to other joints!

Walking poles in summer(!)

Winter however, I’m more inclined to use them – heavier loads, deep snow, the need for balance being offset and softer surfaces absorbing impact.  People do over use poles in winter – how often do we see walkers and climbers on steep ground with their poles out and ice axes strapped to their rucksacks? Well, that’s a disucssion for another day!

Walking poles in winter. The climber’s crampons are on, so should the poles be away and axe out?

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