Some Summer Photos

CPD day at the Red Craigs in Glen Clova

Glenn hanging around with the Glen In the background


Unusual foot-hold

Comfy belay “ledge”

City Centre Scramble

Mid-summer evening cragging at Aberdour – Ben cleans the crag of swag

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Edinburgh Cragging

There are some fantastic venues within easy reach of Edinburgh, and some a bit further away that offer more adventurous climbing.   Traprain Law is just outside Haddington, about 25 minutes from Edinburgh, and gives some good lower-middle grade climbing in a rural setting. The downside is the crag is popular and polished. A good […]

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Practice makes perfect

Pretty grotty weekend here in Edinburgh, so I went up to Blackford Quarry to practice rescuing a stuck rucksack in the rain. Cleared up nicely later on, and I was joined by two German speaking climbers actually climbing in Blackford Quarry! Picture shows using clove hitches on an HMS krab in an out-of-reach anchor situation. […]

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