Edinburgh Area Venues

There are some fantastic venues within easy reach of Edinburgh, and some a bit further away that offer more adventurous climbing.


Traprain Law

Is just outside Haddington, about 25 minutes from Edinburgh.

A good teaching venue and I use it regularly as it has lots of good routes for an aspiring trad climber

Getting there:

Here’s a link to the parking place:
OS Grid Reference:
NT 583 742
It’s on the south side of the Law – there’s a kink in the road and a verge to park, but please make sure you are not blocking any accesses.
Ignore any road signs to Traprain Law, as they take you to the wrong side of the hill; and ignore the grotty old quarry on the north side.


Hawkcraig at Aberdour


In Fife, the other side of Edinburgh we have the Hawkcraig near Aberdour – an lovely sea cliff that is great on a summer’s evening. It’s probably the nicest crag in the Edinburgh Area in terms of routes, outlook and experience.

Getting there:

Take the Silver Sands turn off from the main road in Aberdour village and follow it all the way to the end. On busy weekends, you will need to park in the main car park then walk to the meeting point:


OS Grid Reference:

NT200 849


Rosyth Quarry

Also in Fife – a  good, handy venue.

Getting there:

The meeting point is on the road that leads into the Industrial Estate off the A921 Admiralty Road.


Ratho Quarry and EICA

EICA is a venue for very, very wet days – we will use this and the quarry outside as an alternative for some or all of a day. An entry fee will be required.

Getting there:

The meeting point will be the reception area of the venue: